Hello, myname is Deepak.I'm a SoftwareDevelper.

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Deepak Ugale

What I Do

I use analytical thinking to design outstanding code for the user.
I Progrmming products and processes that take the user from problem to solution

Programming Skills

Expert :- Java, JSP/Servlet, PHP, SQL, HTML, Prolog

Proficient :- C, C++, Python, PostgreSQL, JS, CSS, Erlang, Matlab

Familiar With :- Android, Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing.

Framework :- Bootstrap, UI kit, Jquery, React JS, Vanilla Framework, codeIgnitor, Cordova hybrid technology

Deepak Ugale

Find a problem.
Program.. Solved.

Deepak Ugale

My work process for

Programming code and logic enriching user experiences for innovative products.

My work process includes collecting data based on the problem to be solved and the target audience, drawing actionable insights from that data to define the best user journey, and designing a user interface that is consistent with the brand, sympathetic of the day-to-day struggles of the intended user, and resonates with the target audience.
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Deepak Ugale

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Deepak Ugale

Deepak Ugale